Looking to buy a new pair of mountain bike gloves? Make sure the mountain bike gloves compliment your hand and not get in the way.

Here is what you need in a Mountain Bike Glove:

  • Minimalist design, no bunching in the palm
  • Great fit, like a second skin
  • Breathable and fast drying
  • Very Comfortable, something you want to wear
  • Secure and stays on hand
  • Touchscreen compatible

The less that get in your way from feeling the trail and feel connected to your bike is ideal. When you put on your mountain biking gloves they should make you feel more competent and give you the confidence that you will ride your best. That extra boost can make all the difference.

The Hold Fast Vigilant glove has been developed to be the best MTB glove on the market. It is a minimalist glove that truly feels like a second skin. Unlike other MTB gloves the palm of this glove has very minimal padding that keeps it from bunching up and retaining excess moisture/sweat. They fit snug and are super comfortable. The touchscreen fingertips work well. They are a great value and durable. The mesh backing on the back of the hand creates plenty of ventilation to keep you cool on the trail. Also, it helps the glove to dry quickly.

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