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About us

Ever since I was in the US Coast Guard and heard the phrase, “HOLD FAST” I have carried it with me as a motto. To me, HOLD FAST means to try to be the person I want to be every day. Some day’s the gap between the person I want to be and the person I am is pretty wide. I mumble the words HOLD FAST to remind myself that I need to stay true to who I am. What does HOLD FAST mean to you? I have written an article that goes through the history of the term and you can read it here. In today’s world, we need to remind ourselves and others, of the voice within and not to be persuaded/ influenced by outside voices. To HOLD FAST to the morals and values you were raised with. Not to make it up as you go and rationalize wrong behavior. To take a stand, plant your feet, anchor down and hold your ground. Because if you stay true to yourself and HOLD FAST, this too shall pass and you will be better for it if you make it through on your terms.

I welcome you to support the HOLD FAST brand. To be a ripple of strength in your personal network. To influence inner happiness and confidence in yourself and those that see our Brand. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FOUNDER HERE

Persevere. Focus. Get it done. Hold Fast Brand believes that when things get hard, we don’t quit. We STAY TRUE to ourselves and let the fire of our inner strength drive us past limits, to the finish. Join the crew at holdfastgloves.com and learn more about our gear. Hold fast gloves, seen everywhere.

The perfect balance between Comfort, Protection, Style and Dexterity.


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