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Top Reasons to Wear Motorcycle gloves

 At Hold Fast Glove we take safety, comfort, and dexterity serious. In a perfect world, we would all like to ride as freely as possible and truly experience the motorcycle experience. In reality, we need a balance between the ultimate riding experience and protection from the real dangers of the road. Finding that balance is why there are so many different types of gloves. One of the top reasons to wear motorcycles gloves is that wearing the proper gloves improves your grip and control of the bike.

Why wear motorcycle gloves?

1. Protection from a fall

2. Protection from flying debris

3. Protection from the elements of weather

4. Protection from bad vibrations

5. Protecting your grip

 1. Protection in a fall

Besides a helmet, motorcycle gloves are the single most important safety gear a motorcycle rider can wear. As we mentioned above, no matter if you are going 5 mph or 100 mph your instinct without evening thinking about it will be to put your hand out to break your fall. We all would want some protection for our hands in that situation.

Besides falling, which is the number one reason for gloves, there are many other reasons why motorcycle gloves are important to wear for your safety.


 2. Protection from flying debris

While riding down the road at a high rate of speed even a small bug hitting your hand can cause you to overreact. Many times I have ridden through a swarm of bugs. I remember going through a swarm of bees and feeling like I was getting hit by paintballs until one hit my throat, stinger first. I nearly lost control but was able to come to a stop and take the stinger out.

Besides bugs, there are many other little things that fly through the air and hit your hands when in traffic. Now, not every pair of the glove will protect your hands from all the hazards but something is better than nothing.


 3. Protection from the elements of weather

 Wind, Sun, Cold, Rain, Snow, Etc. are all elements you can encounter on a ride. We can all check the weather before a ride and plan for the best but Mother Nature is unpredictable. Sooner than later you will find yourself in weather and a good pair of motorcycle gloves will help you feel confident and in control.

Our hands are exposed to so much. Sun can cause a lot of damage over time. Cold temperatures can cause your hands to lose feeling. Have you ever had a hangnail? Remember how painful or annoying it was? We need to protect our hands because if they get injured on a ride you are done riding for the day. Hands are pretty important in having a safe ride.


 4. Protection from bad vibrations

Numb hands are a serious danger while riding. The vibration on the handlebars can cause a riders hand to go numb. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it is also extremely dangerous. Having even a little bit of padding can help minimize the vibration and keep your hands from going numb.


 5. Protecting your grip

If the weather is hot or cold it can affect your grip. In the summer months, your hands can get sweaty and slip on the grips. Mostly happening on turns when your grip is vital to complete a safe turn. In the winter the cold can numb your hand and make your hand slip off the grips as well. Again, this is why there are so many different types of gloves.

The Importance of Gloves

We all have different values when it comes to motorcycle safety. When we first start riding we are unfamiliar with the bike and want the most feel and less restriction as possible. We may go with very light or no glove at all. Unfortunately, as riders get more experienced they learn the hard way of the importance of acquiring the right gear.

I remember my first learning experience. I was coming back from a long day of riding and was in my apartment complex 30 feet from my garage when a kid jumped out in front of me on a BMX bike. I was maybe going 8mph and overreacted and squeezed my brakes. My front wheel immediately turned and I fell to my side. Now, this is probably the best-case scenario for a first crash if one would even call it that. As embarrassing as it was I still hurt myself. Wear gloves on every ride.

A person’s first reaction when falling is to put their hand out to catch themselves. Your hand is usually the first body part to have contact with the asphalt. Since I was going so slow I only scratched the palm of my hand. I did although fall on my elbow and bruised it pretty badly. After that, I never went riding without gloves, a helmet and a jacket without elbow/shoulder pads. I encourage everyone to take it from salty, veteran riders and start riding with minimal safety gear like a good helmet, gloves, boots and a padded jacket. From there you can add what you see is your balance of being completely suited up and being free to experience the full riding experience.

We at Hold Fast gloves focus on the just the gloves for now and in this article, we will try to give you a quick rundown on what one should look for in a glove.

No laws to wear gloves


We are not fans of having laws dictate our values or behaviors. We believe people should be smart enough to do the right thing without making laws. Unlike the helmet, there are no laws (depending on the state) that require motorcyclists to wear gloves. We believe because of that people tend to not value motorcycle gloves.

We strongly encourage you to find your balance of comfort and safety in a pair of gloves. The team at Hold Fast gloves continue to add more styles of gloves to make sure you can find the right pair of motorcycle gloves for you. Not all gloves are equal. Hold Fast Gloves balance the ability for a rider to feel the bike without limitations but also give a level of confidence and safety. Make sure to check out our line of Hold Fast Gloves and please give us feedback on other features you would like to see in your perfect glove.

We at Hold Fast Gloves are currently designing and testing new models in hopes to find your next perfect all-around glove that you would feel comfortable wearing every ride.