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The Meaning of “HOLD FAST”

HOLD FAST Gloves believes people need an extra layer of positive support to remind, ensure, inspire them to finish what they started and to stay true to themselves. But what is the meaning of Hold Fast and where does the term come from?


what is the meaning of Hold fast?

hold fast


  1.  to bear down, stay the course
  2.  continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle “when times get tough one needs to Hold Fast and ride it out”


to stay strong, do what is right, see it through, no surrender, stay true, continue to believe, this too shall pass, grit it out.

HOLD FAST is a nautical term that has its origins from the Dutch word “houd vast” which translate to “Hold Tight” in regards to holding securely to ships ropes and rigging.

Throughout history, sailors have tattooed these 8 letters onto their knuckles to remind them that they can get through any storm as long as they hold fast both physically and mentally. What is the meaning of Hold Fast physically and mentally?

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Physically the term Hold Fast means to bear down and fight through the storm. There is also an understanding among sailors that when on deck, you dedicate a hand for the ship and a hand for you. That means in order to help your crew you must make sure that you are taken care of. A ship needs every member in an emergency and if you are washed overboard you are no help to anyone. Because of that fact, you always secure on hand to the ship. Once you are secured and ready to take on the waves you can use the other hand to help yourself and crew. That working hand is used to ensure the ship and all of its crew will successfully make it through the storm.

Hold Fast, Be Responsible, Stay True and you will not only survive the storm; you will be stronger because of how you made it through.

Mentally the term means to continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle. Do not confuse that with being blindly stubborn to bad ideas and beliefs. It means to stand with your convictions, your truths, your gut, and your heart. Do not be swayed, intimidated, convinced or brainwashed by out sided forces to go against what you know is true. Hold Fast to your inner voice and be proud to have the strength to be your own person.

As previously mentioned sailors would tattoo HOLD FAST on their eight knuckles to acknowledge and show respect for the sea. The motto of “One hand for you and one hand for your ship”, is a motto that many sailors share. Being a shipmate takes a team mentality and selfish sailors sink ships. Hours of training take place so that every member of the crew knows his or her duties in case of an emergency. Every duty needs to be carried out to ensure a safe passage through storms. It is vital for sailors to be safe, take care of themselves so they can reach their post and perform their duty.

It is no wonder that non-sailors can relate to the term HOLD FAST and want a reminder that they are strong enough to get through any storm. As long as they adhere to the code of balancing taking care of themselves in order to best take care of others. It is not about surviving, it is about how you survive. There is a song lyric from Brian Fallon that says, “I do not want to just survive, I want a wonderful life.” This lyric reminds me of the term HOLD FAST because the term encompasses triumph, perseverance but also doing it the right way, on your terms. The goal is to not just make it through the storm/survive but to be better, stronger, more confident afterward.


Stay True

We all face storms in our lives and it is during these storms that we realize what we are really made of. Do we run for shelter or do we face the storm and do what we need to do to protect the ones we love? Are we weak and listen to others or do we listen to our inner-self and do what we believe is right? Is it possible to HOLD FAST to our values, morals, and ethics? Do we stand our ground, make a stand and ride the storm out? Do we believe that we will be stronger if we make it through the right way. Can we Stay True to who we are?

The HOLD FAST Brand was created to help remind us of these principles. The importance of self-love for the purpose to be there to love others. The term HOLD FAST and our logo of an anchor are symbols that remind us that we may all struggle in the storm, but if we HOLD FAST to what we believe in, face up to the storm. Know that no matter how strong the storm is, that this too shall pass if only we HOLD FAST to what is right and stay true to ourselves. Please help support one another to be the best that we can be.

“Hold Fast.” It has eight letters, with the goal that makes it a contender for your knuckles. Be that as it may, what are the starting points of the term? What does Hold Fast Mean and where did it originate from?

 When you think tattoos, you think mariners. What’s more, you most likely definitely realized that “Hold Fast” was a nautically themed tattoo. Notwithstanding, its starting points are more profound than that: It’s additionally the witticism of Clan MacLeod on Scotland. It shows up on the peak alongside a bull’s head the originator of the faction slew. You can in any case go visit the horn at one of their three strongholds in Scotland.

 In any case, the nautical roots appear to be generally detached to the Scottish Clan. And keeping in mind that “Hold Fast” sounds like it may have the implication of diving in and hanging extreme (it improves the situation the MacLeods), it implies the correct inverse to a mariner: Stop whatever it is that you’re doing.



 The sources of “Hold Fast” are in the Dutch “hou’ tremendous,” which signifies “hold quick” and is likewise the starting point of the expression “avast.” It’s generally proportionate with the Spanish expression “¡Ya basta!”

 Likewise with most tattoos established in a specific culture, “Hold Fast” has a particular importance for the individuals who have lived before the pole. A “Hold Fast” tattoo implies one who has filled in as a deckhand similarly that a completely fixed ship once showed adjusting the Cape Horn, hula young ladies are related with time burned through positioned in Hawai’i and swallows demonstrated exactly how much time a mariner had done adrift.

 In the same way as other mariner tattoos, there’s a component of superstition engaged with the “Hold Fast” tattoo: Deckhands got it with expectations of getting a decent grasp.

 In 2018 you don’t need to be a mariner or a deck hand to get a “Hold Fast” tattoo, on your knuckles or anyplace else. In case you’re occupied with getting a customary mariner tattoo of any sort, head on down to Alchemy Tattoo in Silver Lake.


When life hits you down, you need to hold fast to your beliefs and values to overcome the struggles that will come. Science has done a lot to uncover the secrets of nature, but the puzzle of life remains unresolved. So how did life come to this country that was once lifeless? But if the origin of life is shrouded in darkness, its character is not. Its essential characteristic is struggling. If there is a common element between all forms of life, high and low, it is this continuous struggle.

In our human life, we at Hold Fast believe the same struggle is observed from when we are young to our graves: the fetus in the belly grows up against unfavorable conditions. A newborn announces the next fight of life. Fear, crying, reprocessing and childbirth are nothing more than a maneuver in a long run. Then when we grow up we will continue to find struggle throughout our lives. We need to continue to push forward and hold fast to be the person we know we can be.

Life has different enemies with whom we can fight. First, we begin our long struggle with the forces of nature. As it grows, its struggle with itself which is accompanied by passions and prejudices of its own. They are sometimes the most dangerous enemies of man and the hardest of all knowledge so that an autonomous conquest is the most difficult of all conquests. We can overcome everything and yet continue to be slaves of ourselves, greed, anger, and jealousy. The first and principal duty of man is, therefore to hold fast believing he will conquer his enemies.


Hold Fast you your uniques.

Just remember that you are unique and that is what is the most important thing. You define your parts or components and their meaning in your life. You need to Hold Fast to who you are and celebrate your uniqueness. Focus on the meaning of Hold Fast and more importantly is what does it mean to you.

The emotions we feel more or less are useful in our lives, as we see or wish. These emotions are our deepest feelings and emotions. The fight begins when the emotions we have clad in each part of ourselves begin to clash.

Those who have tried or fought in combat know exactly what I’m talking about! What is amazing in the fight is that it is different and unique for everyone. We all experience different levels of conflict, emotion, behavior, and most importantly, parts of your life that you influence. Fights become very intense when you meet multiple parts of you at the same time.

How do you know if you are dealing with struggle? Several indicators tell you that you know if you are in trouble. You fight if a party wants two different things for you and is torn in the path to follow or what you will feel. You struggle to fight if you draw two different parts, either in action or in emotions. You fight if you feel divided into two parts yourself. In any case, you are the only person involved. The fight is internal. Fighting is never external, although external forces may affect it. If you want to overcome the struggles of life you must learn how hold fast on the struggles of life and never give up.

Hold Fast brand makes everyone believes in themselves, the fact is that what do they believe in.



I often find people asking: how can I trust myself? We know that it is important for our success, to have a happy life, but we rarely learn to believe in ourselves. More effort is needed to believe that people are experiencing bad experiences or low self-esteem. The meaning of Hold Fast can change depending on your situation. It could mean to physically Hold Fast while the storm passes. It also could mean to reflect on your beliefs and what you think is right even thought the temptations of rationality is trying to convince you otherwise. 

Everyone believes in themselves, but can believe in negative things about themselves. They believe that they cannot be happy, not good enough, do not deserve love and a lot of negative things. These are limited beliefs. These beliefs have been taught since birth, from our parents, families, teachers, and religious leaders, all around us. To believe is just the thought that you constantly think about. Limited beliefs go against our desires.


Reason for your Beliefs

How can you replace your limited beliefs with empowering beliefs of Hold Fast? The first step is to recognize your beliefs and find the reason behind them. Is it good to believe it? It’s a good idea to write a list of all your beliefs and then ask yourself: Are you limited to working or getting what you want? If you write, “I think people like me do not deserve to be happy,” then ask yourself why you believe it. Do you feel sad or worthless?

Now, understand that you can choose what you feel, you can choose what you think. In front of your limited assurance, write a positive affirmation like this: “I accept to be the most important and the happiest person in the world”. Repeat this statement every day. Repeat what you want to believe again until you begin to believe. This is the method I use and I have very good results. You can find other ways to erase your negative beliefs in works on the law of attraction. I am sure you can find the best for yourself.

The lack of confidence stems from the idea that we need to be something more to be who we are. However, we are everything we are destined to be. The lack of confidence just did not believe it. It is to see oneself through scrambled eyes and not to believe in one’s potential as it already is. Each of us is fully capable of managing everything in life, managing and moving forward and being the best we can. However, we tend to think differently, to talk about it and to our own potential in life. We are all the same, we are the ones who decide to demolish and we do not believe. What is the meaning of Hold Fast to you?


The power of you.

In you, it’s the power to be everything you need. He does not hide you and you are not born without. It’s real and its part of you. Your strength and potential to be all that is in you. Again, we are the ones who defend ourselves and we persuade ourselves that we cannot or are not good. Why, because we think we do not have the ability to think differently, not because it’s true. This is exactly an empty belief in the path of our potential. We are all created equal, but unique, and each of us has the ability to be whatever we want.

Lack of confidence is just a poorly an uninformed part of you who have not yet seen the truth yet. The capacity, the energy and the power to be and do everything you want are already in you. It’s about choosing to unleash that potential, to believe in yourself and all your abilities, which makes it more powerful. Your trust in you plays such an important role in your happiness. You can open to what it really is. It’s entirely possible. It’s easy to choose to see you honestly. Why ignore everything you are? So much depth and beauty are what is already right now. Why not let you and the world see your true self, your true self?


Hold Fast to who you are

Seeing other succeed by doing it their way and not sacrificing their soul to do it should help us all have confidence. They hold fast to who they are, you can hold fast to who you are. You have the potential and only you can be what you are. Only you can believe in yourself, in your value and in everything for which you are appointed. Only you can decide to live your life as much as possible and to believe in yourself. Only you know what Hold Fast means to you.

To love oneself first is very important to start the process of belief in oneself. To love oneself means that you fully accept how you are. Accept all the good features (of course, you have them!) And work where you want to improve. Nobody is perfect, but everyone has positive traits, just look within yourself. You may find it easier to find things you do not like; write to them “I’m big, I’m shy, I always do things wrong.” When filling out your list, write a positive acknowledgment of any negative statement and three things you need to do to improve it.


Remember to keep your head up, Hold Fast and be optimistic. 

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