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Hold Fast Motorcycle Gloves were created to provide gloves for every rider.

Hold Fast Gloves = Quality, Durability, Flexibility, Safety while also looking badass.


HOLD FAST GLOVES provide all riders (MTB, BMX, Road) a great fitting, durable, second-skin glove that will give that extra level of confidence to excel and overcome whatever comes your way. 


HOLD FAST TACTICAL GLOVES provide a minimalist, understated glove with a snug form-fitting glove. Anyone who has donned a pair of our tactical gloves and attest to the extra confidence it gives to hit their mark.

Form and Function

hold fast Gloves

Slipping a pair of HOLD FAST Gloves on is the quickest way to get that extra boost of confidence to help excel at any obstacle in front of you. There is something magical about putting on a pair of gloves. No matter what activity you are doing, they give you a firmer grip and that extra something that will prepare for what is to come. 

 Persevere. Focus. Get it done. Hold Fast believes that when things get hard, we don’t quit. We STAY TRUE to our ourselves and let the fire of our inner strength drive us past limits, to the finish. Join the crew at holdfast.com and learn more about our gear. Hold fast gloves, seen everywhere.

 Hold Fast Gloves offers you a glove whether you are a motorcyclist, mountain biker, bmx rider, adventure rider, motocross, commuter or airsoft, tactical and paintball. Finding the right glove improves you ability no matter what your sport is. Hold Fast gloves come in different models.

Vigilant BMX Gloves are a perfect lightweight glove to improve your grip and gives that extra confidence one needs to reach that checkered flag.

Vigilant Tactical Gloves act as a second pair of skin that give you extra grip without loosing any feeling on your trigger finger.

Vigilant Motocross Gloves are a unpadded minimalist glove that allows you to feel the bike while protecting you from vibration and improving your grip.

Vigilant Mountain Bike Gloves helps connect you to the trail with all the benefits of a glove without taking away from the experience.

Vigilant Motorcycle Gloves are a stripped down, minimalist glove that allows you to improve your endurance and improve your connection to the road.

 Steadfast Motorcycle Gloves are a balance between leather protection and breathability of mesh.

 Resolute Motorcycle Gloves are a full leather, stylish glove that comes in 4 different colors.

 Dauntless Motorcycle Gloves is our highest protection glove with features like a finger bridge to help protect your most vulnerable finger.


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