The Vigilant glove from Hold Fast is the minimalist, understated glove that you have been waiting for. Quality and Durable but yet thin enough to feel like a snug second-skin.

Hold Fast Bike Gloves gives you that extra grip and confidence to ride your best. Either Mountain Biking (MTB), BMX riding or just cruising your neighborhood these Vigilant gloves will make you feel like a pro. Improved control, grip, protection from the sun and minimizing numbness of your hands due to vibrations, these gloves will improve your ride. The second skin fit will help reduce the stress and pressure off your hands. Although minimal on protection, they will help especially in the rain and mud.

The Vigilant biking glove is a minimalist glove that does not take away the feel and connection to the handle bars and bicycle. The synthetic leather palm has no additional padding in the palm helping connect the rider to the bike and not bunching up. The mesh backing on the back of the hand allows these gloves to breath and help with the snug fit. They secure well to the wrist, giving the bicyclist the confidence that these bike gloves do not come off. These mountain biking gloves are lightweight Mountain Bike Gloves, BMX Gloves, Biking Gloves.

Why Wear Bike Gloves?

When getting ready to go biking, I am sure the first thought of most people is not if they should wear gloves or not. Besides a helmet, I would argue that the second most import piece of equipment while riding is a good pair of gloves. Protecting your hands should be a priority. Not only do hands control the direction of the bike they also wipe sweat and dirt away from your face. A pair of gloves protects your hands from the weather and from blisters. The added grip and confidence the gloves give a rider also helps protect from fatigue. Check out our Vigilant bike gloves and Hold Fast to your adventure.