Technical Details

  • Four-way stretch polyester back panels
  • Single-layer synthetic leather palm w/ reinforced thumbs
  • Velcro closure on back of the wrist
  • Lycra expansion panels in fingers for a comfortable fit
  • Expanding knuckle joints for better dexterity
  • Touch screen-friendly

    The Vigilant Glove from HOLD FAST is built to be a minimalist glove with no frills. It is constructed to have no cumbersome padding that separates the rider from the full feel of the bike and handlebars. To ensure that you have a firm, secure hold on your grips. These gloves will surely allow the rider to Hold Fast on their adventures. When finesse and feel is important, the Vigilant glove is a perfect glove.



    This glove slips on like a second layer of skin to give the rider a little more confidence that only a nice pair of gloves can give. There is no knuckles pads, palm padding, carbon fiber of other fringe to get in the way. This 100% synthetic material gives the glove a well-ventilated Moto glove that is perfect for riding on hot summer days.

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    7 reviews for Vigilant Glove Black w/Gray

    1. Craig Tumac

      These are perfect. Minimalist with no padding in the palm. I feel the extra confidence when I slip these on.

    2. Jack Moffit

      Snug fit with lots of flexibility.

    3. David (verified owner)

      Super lightweight with immaculate dexterity. You can even use your phone while wearing them. Gives a super nice feel to the grips on my bike with a minimalist and super clean look. Great hot weather gloves with amazing breathability. Definitely getting another pair when these bite the dust.

    4. Dan

      I really love these gloves. They fit great and are super comfy. I give them 4 stars only because I wore them all the time so they wore out. I feel for the price they wore out at the right mark. I am happy to buy another pair.

    5. Tommy Mcgee

      I can still feel the trigger with these. Great job.

    6. Lance Stephens

      I love how these feel and fit.

    7. Kylie Ewan

      Much batter grip with these, I feel much more improved when I have these on. Good on ya

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