Hold Fast Motorcycle Gloves are arguably the second must important piece of riding gear next to the helmet. Motorcycle gloves not only protect a rider in the case of a fall but also improves the riding experience. Motorcycle gloves improve the grip to the handlebars and decreases fatigue while riding. Motorcycle gloves decrease road and engine vibration that is passed through the hands causing numbness.

Hold Fast Gloves believe that there is a increase in confidence when someone slips a pair of gloves on. Our gloves give an even greater confidence through the quality and message they convey. Remember to “Hold Fast” both to the bike but also to the reason you are riding. The peace, freedom and happiness that motorcycling brings you. Hold Fast to what makes you, you. Listen to your inner voice and do what you know is right. Decrease the gap between who you want to be and who you actually are. There are motorcycle rides that change your life and there are rides the remind you why you are living. Hold Fast Gloves hopefully reminds us all of why we ride and why we should be as safe as we can be while riding.