The Hold Fast “Shellback” masks reminds us all to Hold Fast during these trying times and to be a good shipmate to all, since we are all in this together. We all have our roles to play to keep this ship afloat.

The Hold Fast “Shellback” Face Mask is perfect for everyday “Quarantine” use. It also offers style and sun protection without weighing you down. The Shellback Face Mask can be worn MULTIPLE WAYS and is a great solution for many activities like motorcycling, biking snowboarding or skiing. Lightweight and comfortable, our Face Masks breathe well, dry quickly and wick away moisture.

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The Meaning behind the design

The Shellback Face Shield from Hold Fast Gloves are inspired by the old sailor tattoo’s. Many of these designs are tattoo’s that sailor would get as rite’s of passage. The Hardback turtle represents a sailor crossing the equator. The Fully Rigged Ship represents a sailor’s voyage around Cape Horn where the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans meet. The bird, a Swallow is one of the more popular tattoo’s, a swallow represented every 5000 miles a sailor voyaged. A swallow will always find their way home, and it was thought that the swallow would bring luck and mean that the sailor would return safely home. The Nautical Star was is believed to guide a sailor home safely. If a sailor sailed the South seas and stopped in Hawaii they would get a Hula Girl to represent their journey. A Compass was so a sailor would always be able to find his way home.


As you can see from the picture, there are many ways to wear the Shellback from Hold Fast Gloves.  A Face Mask is one of them and it is important to wear face coverings in the Covid era. Not only are there many ways to wear them, there are also as many reasons to wear them. We originally designed these for motorcycling, BMX and MTB riders. When riding, the neck is usually left unprotected. The gap between the helmet and collar in vulnerable to the elements, insects and debris. This face shield gives you an extra level of protection.


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