Technical Details

  • Short Gloves Made of genuine Leather
  • Leather pasted Hard knuckle
  • Double leather reinforcement
  • TPU Fingertips
  • Air vented Mesh
  • Suede Leather front palm
  • Rubber protection.
  • Foam padding under palm protected leather.
  • Neoprene cuff adjustable closing strap.

The Steadfast Glove is The Best Everyday Glove. It is the perfect balance between maximum comfort, protection and breathability. All Hold Fast Gloves are made with top quality materials and are constructed using the toughest, most resilient thread. We even double stitch the area’s that are most prone to fail. We are confident that these gloves will quickly become your go to glove.

“Awesome Gloves! Overall craftsmanship and quality are top-notch as expected but what I really love about these gloves is the small attention to detail. Like the print inside the cuff or how they wrapped each glove I ordered.”

Brad Mullins

Your garage is probably littered with motorcycle gloves that did not fit right or not flexible enough or did not protect you enough. You might have worn them once or twice before giving up on them. Then there are other gloves that felt right but you had to retire them too soon because of poor quality, torn out seems, blown out fingers and stretched palms. If this sounds like you, then it’s time you try a pair of Hold Fast Gloves and break the cycle. Don’t just take our word check out our reviews and read a full report from Top Gloves Guide here.


The glove is made of genuine leather, reinforced with double leather in high wear areas. In low wear areas, we used air vented mesh to help keep your hands dry and cool, while allowing the glove to be lighter and more flexible. The palm side of the fingers, fingertips and the fourchettes are all built with leather, with only a small portion of the finger being built with mesh to create airflow. The fingertips of your pointer finger, middle finger and thumb are touchscreen compatible. We tried many different types of materials to get the touchscreen ability to work well. There are many gloves out in the market that say they are touchscreen able but are not.

7 reviews for Steadfast Glove Black and Gray

  1. Jason Wilkins

    I have many gloves laying around my garage, these Steadfast gloves have been my go to glove I grab 95% of the time. Great fit and after a few rides they broke in even better. The touch screen fingers really work.

  2. Frank Lee

    Great Glove. Really happy with these Steadfast gloves.

  3. Jane Morse

    I really like the little touches these guys did on the glove. The inside design was not expected but very cool. The quality is pretty good.

  4. Len Scarola (verified owner)

    Great gloves… True to size with the right amount of give. Good construction and quality leather. Breathable yet feels solid.

  5. John Vincent

    I received these gloves 10 minutes before my 3.5 hour back road ride today. Awesome gloves!!! I usually have small issues with numbness, none today. Very comfortable!

  6. holdfastgloves

    I really love these gloves. They fit great and are super comfy. I give them 4 stars only because I wore them all the time so they wore out. I feel for the price they wore out at the right mark. I am happy to buy another pair.

  7. Doug Smeath

    Awesome glove for the price point. Minimal protection in a bad crash but they give you enough in the knuckles and improve your grip. The touchscreen works but there is a technique to achieve it.

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