Technical Details

  • Short Gloves Constructed from supple and durable full-grain leather
  • Localized perforations on palm and backhand
  • Finger bridge to prevent small finger roll in the event of a slide
  • Double leather reinforcement
  • TPU Fingertips
  • Leather cuff adjustable closing strap.

    The Dauntless Glove from Hold Fast are the best everyday glove. With safety features found in full race gloves but in a short easy glove to wear. We designed this glove because we enjoyed the featured in more ridged race gloves but did not like the restriction of the race gloves. We wanted to put those safety features in a glove that could be comfortably worn everyday. With the Dauntless glove there is no excuse not to have safety in an everyday glove.


    The Dauntless glove has protective knuckles, double reinforced full leather and stitching. The pinky bridge helps protect your weakest finger y supporting to another finger. Usually when a rider goes down at slower speeds the hand instinctually goes down to cushion the fall. The pinky finger is the first part of the hand to have contact with the ground and gets snapped back. The pinky bridge helps by giving the pinky a little more support.


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