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Hold Fast Gloves Models

Motorcycle gloves are a vital part of your safety protection; we would say it is the second most important item after the helmet. Gloves are a personal item and besides safety, the feel, style and design are important. At Hold Fast Gloves we offer a range of gloves to fit the full spectrum of riders. We have a very minimalist, second skin type of glove in the Vigilant, all the way to the Dauntless style glove with a great balance of protection and flexibility.

On a scale of protection our gloves go from :

  1. Vigilant
  2. Steadfast
  3. Resolute
  4. Dauntless

The Vigilant Glove

The Vigilant Glove from HOLD FAST is built to be a minimalist glove with no frills. It is constructed to have no cumbersome padding that separates the rider from the full feel of the bike and handlebars. To ensure that you have a firm, secure hold on your grips. These gloves will surely allow the rider to Hold Fast on their adventures. When finesse and feel is important, the Vigilant glove is a perfect glove.

 This glove slips on like a second layer of skin to give the rider a little more confidence that only a nice pair of gloves can give. There is no knuckles pads, palm padding, carbon fiber of other fringe to get in the way. This 100% synthetic material gives the glove a well-ventilated Moto glove that is perfect for riding on hot summer days.

These Vigilant Gloves are also perfect to BMX and Mountain bike riders as well. If you ride takes you on urban sidewalks or nature trails, these gloves will ensure you have a firm hold on the bars. Although there is minimal protection, these gloves do protect your hands from flying debris on the trail, while providing a better grip.

 These Moto gloves will be appreciated by anyone who has ridden Mountain bikes, BMX, or Dirt bikes. These thin palms will keep you connected to your bike and the snug fit will help you have complete feeling on all of your controls. These Hold Fast, Vigilant glove fit like a modern mechanic’s gloves and will allow to have full dexterity. The touchscreen pads in the fingers allow you to access your smart phone without taking off your gloves. Unlike other gloves these gloves really work and you can easily still text and access all the capabilities of your phone. Well, until you put your hand down in mud or oil.

The steadfast Glove

The Steadfast Glove from Hold Fast Glove is built to still allow the rider to have a good feel of the bars and controls but also provide some protection. A mix of leather and mesh allows the provided protection of leather in the areas you need it. The mesh allows good airflow and better flexibility in the less vital areas.

The touchscreen fingertips work really well and allow the rider to access their maps on their phone when they are stopped at a crossroads. The protective knuckles and the reinforced heavy duty stitching will help save your hands in the event of a fall. The Steadfast glove is a great balance of comfort and protection for an everyday rider in good to mild weather.

The resolute Glove

The Resolute Glove from Hold Fast Gloves are the most stylish model in our line. The glove is entirely made of genuine leather. This hard-shell knuckle perforated leather glove mixes form with function.

The Resolute glove comes in four different colors. The vintage black and brown gloves have a very cool distinct look. The gray leather glove also gives a rider a unique look. When a rider is looking for a full leather glove but also wants a little style, the Resolute glove is a great choice.


The Dauntless Glove

The Dauntless Glove from Hold Fast is the best everyday glove. With safety features found in full race gloves but in a short easy glove to wear. We designed this glove because we enjoyed the featured in more ridged race gloves but did not like the restriction of the race gloves. We wanted to put those safety features in a glove that could be comfortably worn everyday. With the Dauntless glove there is no excuse not to have safety in an everyday glove.

 The Dauntless glove has protective knuckles, double reinforced full leather and stitching. The pinky bridge helps protect your weakest finger y supporting to another finger. Usually when a rider goes down at slower speeds the hand instinctually goes down to cushion the fall. The pinky finger is the first part of the hand to have contact with the ground and gets snapped back. The pinky bridge helps by giving the pinky a little more support.