When we decided on the term Hold Fast as our brand, we were pretty clear of the motives behind it. No matter what type of situation you might be in, you just need to hold fast and stay true to who you are. The term is even more relevant today, with everything the world is going through. As soon as the COVID-19 virus started to spread out in the world, our valued customers conveyed to us that they are relating the term hold fast to tackle the ongoing situation. For example, front line workers have purchased our t-shirts for their entire staff to thank them and remind them to Hold Fast during these times. They let us know that we delivered a message that resonated with the current situation where our morals, values, and beliefs will propel us to do what is right. So, the goal is not to panic whenever an unwanted situation like this occurs, all you need is to do is to hold fast and act accordingly.


COVID – 19

 No one can ever be ready for natural disasters as these arrive without any prior notice most of the time. As soon as the disasters hit our lives, we see a complete overhaul in our daily routines and everything starts falling to pieces. The same happened when the COVID-19 virus hit a city of China, Wuhan. It started creating havoc and a lot of fatalities, but the rest of the countries of the world didn’t bother much until the virus started to spread in all the major parts of the world. It has been four months since its arrival and the number of causalities is increasing day by day.

The world is on the verge of destruction due to the ongoing pandemic situation. The government and the medical authorities are trying their best to keep the damage to the minimum, but they have been unable to gain success so far. There is no vaccine introduced yet as far as the cure of COVID-19 is concerned, but the medical experts have come out with certain precautionary measures. Some countries are even successful to some extent as they took the precautionary measures seriously and acted upon the instructions prescribed by the World Health Organization.


Significance of Self Care

Even though no medical team is yet successful in discovering the cure of the fatal virus that is creating the damage in the world, still the experts have highlighted the need for personal care in the hour of need. People are advised to stay as neat and clean as possible. It has been observed that the virus spreads due to sneezing and coughing in front of others. Another major carrier for these microorganisms is the physical and social interaction with the people around you. Self-care is the primary thing to do in such situations. If you are taking enough precautionary measures to keep safe, only then you would be able to take care of the people around you.

The situations demand a Hold-Fast and stay safe type of attitude. You have to be dedicated and brave enough to tackle the pandemic. There is no need to panic, as it will only make things worse. Self-care would not only keep you in the best of health, but it is also helpful for the surrounding people as you would not be able to transfer any virus onto them if you are following all the prescribed protocols. Till now, the only solution that has tasted success to some extent is by taking care of you without getting frustrated. Keep your head high, control your nerves and don’t panic. These are the key points to remember as per now.


Cleanliness is the Key

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This phrase can never get more authentic. As per the research of the doctors and the instructions of the World Health organization, everyone should focus closely on his physical cleanliness as the germs tend to produce rapidly when you are not clean enough. The same goes true for COVID-19, as it spreads the most by handshakes or sneezing in the air surrounded by a lot of people. The instructions are very clear that you need to wash your hands on a regular basis. It’s not like that the virus is only going to transfer when you shake hands with someone. There are several other ways too. You might touch a table or a chair that might be touched by an affected person. As soon as you come in contact with such a thing, the virus would reach out to your body and start doing what it is known for. Therefore, the vitality of washing hands whenever you go out and come back has increased more than ever now. Make sanitizers a regular part of your lives until the notorious virus is thrown away completely. Avoid unnecessary touching of the things around you. Always keep in mind, we have to fight this virus war together and for this, the first priority is to remain sanitized and disinfected as much as possible.

Say No to Social-Interaction

Nobody would have thought that a virus would come out of nowhere to affect our lives in the worst possible way. We live in a technological world where everything is now managed by a single click on your laptop screen or mobile phone. But still, the technology didn’t prove to be enough to tackle this deadly virus. People are advised to stay in their homes as much as possible. Stay home, stay safe is the new life hack. The government authorities have announced that the people should avoid social interactions and gatherings till the COVID-19 is completely removed from the world. All of us need to take these instructions clearly. We have an example of the countries who took such instructions for granted and are now facing the battle of death.

Therefore, the time is to hold fast and stay in your homes so that you may be able to protect yourself from the ongoing pandemic situation. It is not about your protection only. Staying in your houses would be equally beneficial for the people who might get affected if you are a virus carrier, God forbid. All of us need to cooperate with the government officials who are trying to do their best to keep the damages and the causalities to the minimum. If we are not doing our duty by staying at our homes, all the efforts of the doctors and the medical staff will go in vain who are risking their lives for the survival of humanity.

Spread Authentic News Only

As the anxiety, frustration and nervousness of the people are increasing day by day, it is advised to play your role as a responsible citizen. It has been seen that people are spreading news without even verifying them. Such practices only end up with more panic and frustration. First of all, there is no requirement to be a reporter on your own. The digital and print media are trying their best to keep us updated with every progress that has been made so far. Even then, if you have something new to tell the people, always make sure that it is an authentic piece of information. Fake news would only increase the level of anxiety and that is not what we want to handle right now.

We need to be responsible citizens at the earliest. Believing in everything that we see or hear is not going to do anything better for us. We need to do our own verification and research. Even a single authentic positive news regarding the pandemic can improve the moods of the people surprisingly, while single fake news that is not so encouraging would result in more panic and mental depression issues. Now is the right time to act responsibly so that we might be able to defeat the fatal virus with flying colors.



Discourage Price Gouging & Hoarding

Some people are cruel and emotionless that they try to make money at the expense of the poor and needy. Since always, whenever a natural disaster came to a place, the businessmen were accused of price gouging. The same is happening in the current situation. On the one hand, people are worried and afraid due to the spread of the virus, while on the other hand, they are forced to pay extra amounts for the most wanted accessories like face masks and sanitizers. This is not the time to make profits. In fact, it is time to take care of ourselves and our social circle by helping each other and staying united. We know a lot of daily wagers who are affected by locked-down situations. The online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay have issued reports that they have fined over 10000 retail owners who were accused of price gouging. Instead of going for unfair prices, we need to locate such people and help them as much as we could do. The society needs helping hands in the frustrating situation that we all are facing. So, hold fast and say no to any immoral or illegal activities that might affect the people.

Another thing may be that ought to be avoided is the hoarding of the things of daily use. People have started hoarding things in large amounts, even more than their actual needs. Such actions are creating a lot of problems for the people who go out daily to buy some sanitizers, masks or food items. The insecure people have filled their cupboards and drawers while thinking about the locked-down regularities. We are already dealing with a messy situation and surely we don’t want to face the shortage of things. The key is to think and act by keeping your morality intact. We can only defeat the COVID-19 if we stay united at this hour of the need.

The vitality of Gloves & Facemasks

There are a lot of accessories that can prove to be more than useful for keeping the virus threats away. Out of those, two things have turned out to be more important than all the other things. We are talking about gloves and facial masks. As we already know that COVID-19 spreads due to coughing, sneezing or personal interactions. Every medical expert has told the people again and again about the significance of gloves and face masks as these things are capable enough to stop the shifting of microorganisms from one person to another. Masks keep the viruses away when someone sneezes in front of you. If you are not wearing a mask and someone having virus carriers starts coughing near you, the panic and the frustration would be real and you would try to keep us away from him as possible. So, in order to keep yourselves safe from such unwanted situations, make sure that you are wearing a clean and disinfected mask.

The same goes for the gloves that stop the spread of carriers from one person to another. You might touch a door handle or a currency note that is already having the virus carriers. So, in order to stay safe in such situations, you need to ensure that you are wearing gloves as per the instructions of the doctors. If you are a bike rider and you need to go out on a regular basis, you can try the biker gloves from Hold Fast as they are durable enough to keep the germs and injuries away in case of any mishap.

Bottom Line

Concluding a topic is the most difficult part sometimes, but in our situation, the conclusion is not that difficult to understand after all. We need to understand the sensitivity of the issue that is creating havoc and frustration all over the world. We need to hold fast and strong to fight the pandemic together. A large number of instructions and suggestions are presented before you in the above lines that could be helpful if we follow them carefully. But the thing that is even more important is that we need to take care of ourselves and the people around us. In return, those people would be taking care of more people and we can see a united, caring and helping society in no time.

We need to act responsibly and carefully by understanding the situation around us. Personal care is the primary requirement as far as the safety from COVID-19 is concerned. If we are healthy and active, only then we would be able to play our part in motivating and helping others to stay strong. The offices and working places are mostly closed and it is a good step by the authorities. Things should be run through online platforms unless everything gets back to normal.

Spread positivity because it is needed the most at this crunch time. People are getting affected everywhere and society needs positivity and nothing else. Learn the art of helping and making people happy in frustrating situations like these. In short, you need to hold fast to stay safe and healthy. The situations demand unity, care and loving behavior towards the people all around. Let’s stay strong and hopeful that the notorious COVID-19 would go away in the near future and everything would get back to normal with flying colors.

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