Vintage Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle design these days are leaning towards retro designs and here are 4 vintage motorcycle gloves to fit that style.

If you are anything like me, when I hop on a motorcycle I get nostalgic to a past time, when cool was cool. I am think James Dean and Steve McQueen cool. If you are on the right bike, it almost acts like a time machine that transports you into a simpler, cooler time. Most manufactures these days are offering the state of the art current technology, reliability and safety of a new bike but in a package that gets their styling cues from the vintage bikes of the past.

Now if you are putting your leg over a time machine, you may want to look the part. Vintage motorcycle gloves helps you connect (literally) to that vintage bike. Below are a few of the gloves we recommend to complete the look while also enjoying a well made, durable and safe vintage motorcycle glove.

The Resolute Glove

The Resolute glove from Hold Fast Gloves offer that perforated full leather glove that draws inspiration from the early café racers. They come in 4 colors. Black, Vintage Black, Vintage Brown and Gray. With a hard knuckle protection, soft genuine leather and reinforced/ double stitched palms. Please feel free to check out the full description here.

 Just like the new Vintage / Retro motorcycles available; these gloves have that retro vintage motorcycle look with new technology underneath. Get the look but have the confidence that you have the protection of genuine leather with the added knuckle protection.

7 of the best Retro Modern/ Vintage Motorcycles

Just like the new Vintage / Retro motorcycles available; these gloves have that retro vintage motorcycle look with new technology underneath. Get the look but have the confidence that you have the protection of genuine leather with the added knuckle protection.

 Some of our more popular retro Vintage bikes on the market right now are the BMW R nine T, Triumph Scrambler and the Ducati Scrambler. The BMW R nine T was originally going to be a limited run but the popularity of the bike encouraged the crew at BMW motorcycles to launch other models in the R nine T line. They added the Urban, Scrambler, Racer and the Pure. Ducati has also had success in the modern vintage style and added other models to their line up

BMW and the R Nine T.

The R Nine T, in my opinion is the best of the modern ,retro, vintage motorcycles. The horizontal cylinder’s the history behind the BMW engine and direct drive give you a riding experience that is a throwback to an older time. The engineers at BMW are know for their precision and excellence. As I mentioned there are now more models in the line up to choose from. Around $15,000. Check out their Heritage line up here.

Triumph Scrambler / Bonneville

The Triumph is one of the first bikes that people think of when they think of a vintage bike. Their pedigree goes back and they have kept the brands going through the years. These motorcycles are super fun and simple bikes to ride. Around $9,000. Check their Classic line up here.

The Moto Guzzi V7 Stone II

The Moto Guzzi is another cool modern vintage motorcycle. Their “V” shaped cylinders stick out the side of the bike somewhat similar to the horizontal cylinder heads of the BMW. The Moto Guzzi has some cool styling cues and is a light fun bike to ride. They are around $9,500. Check out their Standard line up here.

Scrambler Sixty2

Ducati is a fun brand and they always have fun bikes. The Scrambler Sixty2 is a great retro motorcycle. This is more of a reformer than a retro bike. It is a high performance bike that is stripped down but still has vintage styling cues. Many options to make it uniquely yours. Starting around $8,000. Check them out here.

Norton Motorcycles

A few older brands have been resurrected and have some cool offerings. One of these brands is Norton Motorcycles. Their vintage motorcycle is the Norton Commando 961 which come in at around $17,000. I have not ridden this bike but I have always liked the Norton brand and are worth checking out. Click here to check them out.

Indian Motorcycle

The Indian Motorcycle Company is back and is being run by Polaris. I have a few friends that have the Scout and they love it. Who has not watched “The Fastest Indian” and not want to take their own Scout to the Salt flats and be the doer of deeds. They go for around $12,000. Check out the scout here.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is built on the classic vintage bike. What is there to say about Harley? They are what they are. They are the standard to what most people think when they think of motorcycles. Although they have a range of bikes the Forty-Eight is a great starting point for a custom, modern vintage motorcycle. As they say, buying the bike is the down payment because you will spend so much more customizing it to make it yours. Check them out here.

Vintage Gloves

There are many different styles of riding but the style that got me into street riding was the retro Vintage looking motorcycles. If I could have a few bikes, unfortunately I am a one bike garage, I would have a dirt bike, retro bike and an adventure bike. The only bike would be a street bike but if I pick the right retro bike, It would be a two in one. Many of these modern vintage motorcycles can easily carve up the canyons while making you look cool when you stop to get a bite to eat. I have different gear for the different riding that I do. Again, having a pair of vintage motorcycle gloves is vital to complete the time machine and become vintage cool. Please take the time to check out our full line of motorcycle gloves including the Resolute’s our vintage motorcycle glove.

Benefits of Motorcycle Gloves

Just a quick word on the importance of wearing gloves on every ride. We here at Hold Fast Gloves truly believe that no matter the distance, please wear gloves. The importance of motorcycle gloves are only second to a helmet. Thankfully we will not all be in an accident but we all might tip over or get clumsy on a vintage motorcycle. The first instinct is to reach your hand down to brace your fall. A good pair of gloves will help protect your hands and allow you to continue your day riding in safety. I have had many bad rides in the desert after having minor contusions on my hands. It is hard to control the bike when you have a hand wound.

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