The term HOLD FAST means different things to different people. Below are a few stories I have collected from my Facebook and Instagram pages from followers that have shared what HOLD FAST means to them.

Sel R. from Portland OR. “Hold Fast and Don’t Give up”

 I really enjoy your brand and I like the logo. The term HOLD FAST and your logo really resonates with me. After a quick search and reading your other articles I learned the origins of the term but I interrupt it a little different. I am a recovering Alcoholic and it has been a hard journey for me. I have fallen off the wagon a few times but I continue to work at being sober. I got an anchor similar to your logo to remind me to stick to my word and do what I say I am going to do. This anchor tattoo is a daily reminder to HOLD FAST and to ignore the temptations of escape. Instead, I want to understand what I am wanting to escape and rationalize why I feel I reward myself and that I deserve a drink because of what has been done to me.

 When I saw your logo I just shook my head “YES”. We all get distracted and need a reminder to clear our heads and go back to our core. Stop listening to the noise around you and remember who you want to be and what you need to do to get there. Most of us know what we need to do but rationalize 100 reasons to not do it. Plus the world around us sometimes seems like it is designed to tempt you to do the easy, instant gratification route. I like your description that wearing your shirt will be a reminder for me to HOLD FAST but also show that positive message to others to have them contemplate what the term means to them.

 Thanks and I am happy to represent your brand. HOLD FAST my friend.

Jennifer T. from Dallas TX. “HOLD FAST is everywhere”

I wanted to share with you a strange experience I had. I just saw your post on Instagram and I thought it was weird. I had just got out of the church and the second reading which was (Hebrews 4:14-16) said, “let us HOLD FAST to our confessions”. I had to reread the passage a few times because I had never heard the term HOLD FAST. From the usage of the term in the sentence, I figured it meant for us to really think, to keep sacred, weigh the importance and not to forget or abandon our confessions. Anyway, the term HOLD FAST left me thinking after I left the church.

Then after a few hours I was on Instagram and your post showed up. You had a picture of a baby on the beach with the words, “Hold Fast to your inner child”. I was a little taken back that the term I had never noticed before showed up twice in one day. I checked out your profile page and then website and I really liked the idea of HOLD FAST. Hold Fast can mean so many different things but I really liked the post with the child and the thought of holding fast to our inner child. That term can be used similar to the passage at church. Think, weigh the importance, keep sacred, do not forget or abandon your childhood. Thanks for your post and thanks for the deep thoughts.

Greg S. Charlotte, NC. “One hand for you and one hand for your Crew”

I wanted to share a quick story. I was in the Coast Guard and I was fortunate to go to the National Motor lifeboat school at Cape Disappointment WA. It is at the mouth of the Columbia River and for those that do not know these boats are self-righting which means that when they flip they have a weighted keel that will make the boat self-right itself. Cape Disappointment is one of the roughest places in the world depending on tides and currents to go from the ocean into a river.

Being on a boat that is self-righting takes a lot of trust and training. Your normal reaction is to get out of the boat but we are trained to be strapped in and wait for the boat to flip back around. This is a very scary notion and takes self-discipline to not freak out. When I saw your post and the term HOLD FAST it reminded me of what one of the instructors said to me. He said while on any boat; always have one of your hands holding on to the boat or to me secured someway before doing anything. One hand for you and one hand for the boat is what he always said. When times got rough at sea there are many things that need to get done. From securing lines, closing doors/hatches, pumping the bilge, etc. These things need to get done to make sure you do not sink. You must always make sure you are secure before completing these tasks because if you are not you will get swept out to sea. Then not only are you in danger you are no longer helpful to your crew. Also, your crew knows not only has to weather the storm but know they have to save your ass.

I always remembered that and applied to all aspects of my life. If you do not have your own life in order you are no help to other people. Not only that but you will weigh down those around you. Always make sure you are good so that you will be operating at your best to help others. One hand for you and one hand to help your crew. HOLD FAST reminds me of that motto. HOLD FAST to what you feel is important and to listen to your gut and that will help you become a better person. Allowing you to be confident and help others around you. Happiness is helping others but true happiness comes from within. Helping others or other external things that people say brings happiness is only a fleeting feeling. Make sure you have one hand securing yourself first.

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